Where Excellence Begins with Productivity and Teamwork

Our Team

Together, we will lead your organization through the process of creating a capital acquisition or business planning strategy. The process is capable of taking your company through multiple rounds, especially in the start-up phase when your valuation is low. Preparation is the key, as is the business planning and associated research. We will work through your planning documents, and assist your organization in the areas where effort is required and lead the organization in the preparation and presentation of your investment documents.

Seasoned management experienced in both private and public capital markets will assist in the preparation and introduction to targeted investors. Initial meetings using an investment pitch prepared under our direction will expedite the selection of a lead investor.

The Results

Our Process

We start by defining your goals and then your capital needs and the requirements of the business.  We further develop the strategy, which is a logical system that defines functional levels to enhance economic contributions by providing long range objectives and priorities for allocating resources. Successful organizations require coherent and explicit blueprints that meet the demands of a changing competitive environment.  Your strategy becomes a differentiated method for meeting external threats and opportunities, while leveraging internal strengths to sustain long term growth and shareholder value.

Capital Partners is a proprietorship organization built on the experience and the entrepreneurial insights of its members. After all, decisions are built on positions or opinions based on judgment, analysis, experience and conclusions. Securing your capital facilitates growth and raising the funds in a timely manner can be challenging.  Our Team constructs and formulates an effective plan, outlining your strengths and earnings potential and then provides capital introductions from our network of sources.

Capital Partners is a trusted leader in underwriting debt and capital for the middle market.