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Bridge Debt

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​Structured Finance

Buy-Side Services

  • Evaluating and Sourcing Potential Acquisition Targets
  • Develop a comprehensive Plan with Objectives
  • Initiate Contact and Analyze Target
  • Review Valuation / Culture 
  • Source the Financing Options
  • Support Negotiation and Structure Terms

We help you to Define:

  • Your Genuine Capital Requirements
  • The Appropriate Use of Proceeds
  • Your Current Capital Structure and Alternatives
  • The Most Efficient Deal Structure
  • Valuation Goals and Targets
  • Exit Strategy
  • How to Integrate New Capital with Management

Key Points

Capital Partners formulates and constructs a concise and effective financing plan, and supporting models.  The accompanying Private Placement Memo supports the strengths of the business plan and your company's financial objectives. In cases where the most effective solution is a debt structure, Capital partners constructs a focused Credit Memo with supporting documentation.

 Now that you have made the decision to raise capital for your business, choosing Capital Partners is critical to your success.  We maintain direct relationships with private equity firms, venture capital firms, banks, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, and other finance companies. We assist you in structuring the terms of the financing, addressing inter-creditor issues, coordinating investor/lender due diligence, and working to get your company the funds it requires.

Where Excellence Begins with Productivity and Teamwork

Plan and Offering Formulation

Where to Begin


Sell-Side Services

  • Determine and Evaluate the Enterprise Value
  • Develop a Focused Memorandum
  • Define and Evaluate the Exit Strategy
  • Identify Market Strategic Buyers
  • Screen Potential Suitors
  • Structure the Deal Formula and Due Diligence

Your organization can begin by having Capital Partners analyze your existing potential and current situation. Business planning and current strategies will require special attention, and deficiencies will need corrective action. From there a blueprint of services is developed and objectives are outlined and approved.

Capital Sources

Merger  & Acquisition